Pie Chart on the Population of Nigerian Undergraduates by their Courses as at 2012


		prefix nu:  	<http://www.vikanttimobile.com/opendatang/data/nigeria-university-report.ttl#>
		prefix rp:  	<http://opendatang.vikanttimobile.com/schema/nigeria-education-report.owl#>
		select ?CourseName  ?o
		from  	<http://www.vikanttimobile.com/opendatang/data/nigeria-university-report.ttl>
		  nu:allCourses ?Course  ?o.
		  bind( strafter( str(?Course),'#') as ?CourseName )
		  filter(?o > 0).

Data Source: State of Nigerian Universities 2012.

  Created by: Emeka Okoye

Country: Nigeria

License: ODC Public Domain Dedication and Licence (PDDL)

Keywords: linkedopendatang, linkedopendata, opendatanigeria, opendatang, opendata, linkeddata, graduate, school, dataset, nigeria, universities, education, naija30, africa30, undergraduate